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    August 2009 - Chad August 2009 - Chad June 2012 - CH Mercy June 2012 - CH Mercy September 2012 - CH Rosalyn September 2012 - CH Rosalyn May 2013 - CH Mercy May 2013 - CH Mercy

    Chat Managers

    • CH CatherineCH Catherine
    • CH ChrisCH Chris
    • CH CraftyCH Crafty
    • CH JessieCH Jessie
    • CH MarilynCH Marilyn
    • CH MikeCH Mike
    • CH MiladyCH Milady
    • CH OkieCH Okie
    • CH OkieCH Okie
    • CH RussellCH Russell
    • CH SharonCH Sharon
    • CH StarCH Star
    • CH TabbyCH Tabby
    • CM JackieCM Jackie

    If your favourite CM is missing or no photo is showing please contact either 123BingoOnline or email Evie

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    CH Okie - 123 has the best deposit bonus's, and the nicest cm's.... Elaine Dameron

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    CM Jackie - She is caring.... Amanda lola

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    CH Chris - This month id have to vote for chris... I never had as much fun and laughed so much at times when he was not hosting.... Thanks for the laughs hun.... Hey ...Magic tric... amanda

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