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All comments for CM Tez, who works at Think Bingo

CM Tez

CM Tez - She is very helpfull ... sandra hall

CM Tez - Always friendly helpful and seems to enjoy herself ... elizabeth finlayson

CM Tez - Very friendly site, the players and cms are like 1 big disfunctional family.... susan smales

CM Tez - She is always helpful and makes it a fun place to be.... mrs e skelley

CM Tez - Shes always cheerful and helpful and does everything with a smile.... Mike Green

CM Tez - She is always happy to help. Nothings a problem to her.... janice atherton

CM Tez - She is a fantastic cm, very helpful and entertaining... Claire Hetherington

CM Tez - Tez is always nice :o) even under pressure!... sam smith

CM Tez - She is funny and always keeps chat moving... susan smales

CM Tez - Very entertsining, very helpful, takes no nonsense... Claire Hetherington

CM Tez - She's always friendly and up for a laugh, there's never a dull day with her.... Maria Earland