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Louis from Mecca Bingo

Q1: Tell us a little bit about you.


I Live in Southampton but not originally a southerner as I come from up north in West Yorkshire where I lived until 10 yrs ago then met my lovely wife Cathie online in a chat room and got married in 2002. Have worked in warehouses up to me becoming disabled in 2006.

Q2: How long have you been a Chat Host?

I have been a chat host now as CM Louis on Mecca bingo now for approx 2 and a half years and wouldn’t swap it for anything lol.

Q3: How did you become a Chat Host?

I was playing bingo on a bingo site as that was my usual site . I was very lucky there and just started to chat to a CM about how he did it and after he told me it was down to sending the people emails with my CVs. I thought right I’m going to do that and the very next day I sent out 30-40 emails along with my CV and then just hoped and prayed that I would get one lol and low and behold 3 weeks later I got a phone call from virtue fusion and got a trial and as they say the rest is history.

Q4: What do you like most about the job?

I love this job as I get to talk to so many people from so many different backgrounds. I hear the good things in their lives and I also hear about the bad things in their lives like there Illnesses some of which are life threatening. But I just love talking to everyone and when they win a big cash amount like I’ve seen them win 10k it’s just so great to hear their reactions.

Q5: What is the worst part of the job?

I would have to say the worst part of my job is when you get people who join and their sole intent is to try and ruin other people enjoying their bingo by swearing at them or the CM. I just don’t see the point of it as bingo is suppose to be fun. If you don’t want to play and have some funs then why join?? Also when people come on claiming it’s a fix I can’t stand that sort of roomie as they think everyone who wins works for Mecca lol so Mecca got an awful lot of people working for them but why they think that I will never workout lol.

Q6: Which are your favorite chat room games?

I would have to say my favorite games were word link and mines a double word link is a game where u get the 1st word and the next word must finish the 1st and start the second like this
HAND____LINK so the answer would be Cuff ie HAND cuff, CUFF LINK. You can get some very strange answers from some of the roomies lol. Mines A Double is the 1st double number out you shout mines a double and the number. I always put up the chat game rules in the room then I don’t get any disappointed roomies who aren’t eligible to play.

Q7: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened whilst you have been in a chat room?

I think the funniest thing was when a roomie was trying to say she couldn’t cook properly but instead put “if a man knew how good I was at cok then we wouldn’t be going out anywhere” pmsl. She meant to say she was good at cooking lol.

Q8: What makes a good Chat Host?

I think to make a good chat host you need to not only be able to have fun and laughter you need to be able to be understanding when they tell you there illnesses or when they tell you they have spent like £300 on bingo and not won you need to be able to be positive with them and give them hope that their luck will change.

Q9: How would you like to see online bingo (as a whole) develop?

I’m not quite sure how bingo online can develop more than it is at the moment apart from the online live bingo callers but that would also take it away from being a job worked from home to a job worked from an office which isn’t what it needs. The only other way I believe it could develop is that maybe they could find some way to make the server connections better because at the moment it doesn’t matter where you go the connections just aren’t at what I would call acceptable. Which after a while cannot only get the CM down but also the roomies.

Q10: Any other comments that you'd like to add about being a Chat Host?

People think we just sit there doing nothing but chat to someone in the room but on some sites there’s a lot more to it than they think. It’s not the easiest of jobs as we have to put up with the ones who come on just to cause trouble and we can’t just tell them to sod off we have to do it nicely so you need to be able to keep your temper and also deal with everyone who is complaining about the bad roomie so it’s not just someone talking.

All the team here at CMOTY would like to say a big 'TY' to Louis.

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